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I've been many things in my life, and they always centered on helping. Over the past 20 years, I've sold used cars (seriously), been an insurance agent (actually quite fun), a photographer, helped run a guide service, a keynote speaker, a marketing & crisis communications consultant, and now grief educator, grief coach, and an in-training end of life doula.

A few years ago I started speaking and writing more about grief, and pulled that into my marketing consultancy by helping people build businesses out of their stories. I continue to do that, but during all of this, I have felt called to bring my deep knowledge of grief, loss, and resilience to people who need it on a personal, not business, level.

During that journey, I've noticed that there are LOTS of resources and memes about the beginning of loss, but not a whole lot of these things on how to move forward or connect with our inner resilience when we are ready to do so. 

So that's what I am bringing here to Time Grace Space. A place for writing and resources centered around grief, loss, and moving forward with the inner resilience that we *all* have (even though we may not feel like it sometimes), as well as a place to connect with me for grief coaching and pet loss support when you need someone to help you on a more personal level.


I am not a therapist, but I AM a person who can lend a hand when you need it most.

  • I will give you actionable steps you can take in your own journey. I'm not here to FIX that grief at all.
  • I am here to give you the tools to be your own superhero in your grief journey.
  • Each of us our different, and our journeys will be different. I'm here to help you along the way with your own personalized plan.

Let's talk!

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