Why I do what I do:

Many years ago, I was thrust unwittingly into the spotlight when in the space of 4 months I had a photo go viral worldwide, and then I lost my husband to a tragic accident.

In 2015 my TEDx Talk on Empathy and the Power of Virtual Communities had one goal: to empower people to face their fears and live their life fully when their world blows up.

In 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer (in addition to my lovely chronic Lyme, EBV, and psoriatic arthritis that was misdiagnosed for 20+ years). The lessons I learned about resilience and turning pain to purpose after my husband’s death have helped me immensely throughout my cancer and pain journey!

Now I travel the country speaking about moving forward from grief, and I work to help people rebuild their confidence, find their inner resilience, and turn their pain to purpose, much like I have over many years.

My life pretty much revolves around our dogs and fishing (and cold brew!), so a lot of my writing talks about the power to heal with animals and being in the outdoors.


I look forward to working with you!! Email me here


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