$125 - $2200

Grief & Resilience Coaching/Mentor

How do you want to feel AFTER loss?

How can I empower you to regain a sense of self?

Grief coaching is not grief counseling. Counseling focuses on shifting emotions, coaching focuses on shifting actions.

We will work on a personalized action plan to grow and move you forward in your life after loss.

I have a variety of packages I can customize to help you in your journey forward.

No matter which package you choose:

  • I will give you actionable steps you can take in your own journey. I'm not here to FIX that grief at all.

  • I am here to give you the tools to be your own superhero in your grief journey.

  • Each of us is different, and our journeys will be different. I'm here to help you along the way with your own personalized plan.

$75 - $1500

Pet End of Life Support

If you need assistance for any of the following in addition to the free resources, I am here to help:

  • Assistance in finding an end of life photographer if you are not in the Fargo/Moorhead area

  • Memorial or service planning for your pet

  • Non medical respite care for the pet, so you can take a break (Fargo/Moorhead area only)

  • Possible last day celebration or photoshoot (Fargo/Moorhead area only)

  • Attending euthanasia if requested

(all sessions can be in person OR via Zoom).