3 Steps. 30 Minutes. 30 Days. Journaling to Transform Your Life

My newest mini course is all about my favorite way to get shit out of my head, solve problems, and see how far I've come. One of the ways I have found my inner resilience and overcome adversity is through writing. I've created this short training to show you how you can do the same.

Throughout my grief and cancer paths, journaling has been my go to stress reliever. It is also the most effective way I've found to manifest what I want in life and hone my intuition!

I've put together this free journaling mini course to show you how I have written my way through miscarriage, losing my husband, chronic pain, abusive relationships, and cancer, as well as manifested a life I LOVE

You can also add "Power of the Pen" workshop that starts May 26th when you purchase the mini course!

I've worked through so much in my life, as we all have, and overcome adversity and built my resilience with the power of the pen. Come join me, for whatever price you can afford!