8 Ways to Learn to Love Yourself

Quite honestly it has taken years for me to really like myself. Perfectionists do this to ourselves all the time, but when we learn to like who we are, we can be confident in presenting the real, authentic person we are to the world.

When we like the person we are, making life choices becomes easier because we trust our own judgment. We realize that we have the power to create whatever it is that we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

Try these strategies to raise your self-esteem:

1. Stay in tune with your thoughts. Notice when you’re thinking negatively about yourself. When you can identify the types of situations in which you tend to put yourself down, you can then do something about them.

2. Squelch unhelpful thinking. After you take notice of the situations that trigger those negative thoughts, you can set out to stop such thoughts or at least divert them. Do so by developing your own imagery technique.

○ Imagine a stop sign and tell yourself to “stop negativity now.”

○ Visualize that you’re at the beach or your grandmother’s house, where you always feel relaxed and self-assured.

Another way to quell unwelcome ideas is to seek out something positive in the situations you find challenging. For example, if you feel you’re socially inept, make it a point to help others