How to look all glowy even when life sucks.

Full disclosure: I did not learn to use a curling iron til I was 35, nor did I really use make up until after that either (except if you count my unfortunate use of purple eye shadow once in college....).

What happened at 35? I became a widow and DAMN IT I wanted to do something that made me feel pretty. So I discovered make up and really great (but inexpensive!) skin care.

In the past decade my skin really has just gotten better. I'm not sure if it's the breast cancer drugs or the moisture from crying so much (I kid. I kid!), but damn sometimes my skins looks all glowy. And no, I'm not prego. LOL {Insert laughing so hard I'm crying emoji here).

Here's my list of favorites (and they are affiliate links, so I'll get a portion of the proceeds if you purchase them):