Resilience is hope.

Resilience is hope.

It’s knowing that there is a better time ahead. It’s knowing that you can be, and WILL be, free, content, and safe. The future holds good and bad, but we do not know which is in store for us. Having the hope that things can only get better spurs us into the action to make the scary changes that are necessary for goodness to come into our lives.

Resilience is not getting bogged down in the logistics of massive change.

Whatever you are going through, there are steps involved to get to the end result. Do not be intimidated by the steps. Do not be overwhelmed and distracted by the hard work involved. That is life. Without complications and frustrations, we do not grow.

Resilience is knowing that truly, eventually, you will come out at the other side of sadness, to joy, love, and success.

There is hope, there is always hope. You just do what needs to be done. One step in front of the other, moving forward.

Resilience is movement forward.

Do not stand still in obsessive fear of the unknown, afraid to move. Movement forward is where the learning happens. Where we become better humans and more loving individuals. Movement forward is where we gain the knowledge of what it feels like come loose of pain and hurt. With this knowledge, we can usher those who are going through the rough patch, give them hope. The gift of hope is the gift of resilience.

They say for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Never get too high on the “everything is perfect”, because the opposite will even it out. There lies the basis of resilience, though. Knowing that in the worst of times, there is hope that it will work out.