The 2nd Year of Grief - How to Empower Yourself and Others

At work, the emotional rawness of the 2nd year can be a particularly difficult issue. Systems are in place to give bereavement leave during the initial stages of loss. Understanding of how to support a griever or trauma victim are really based on issues being within the first 6 months or less. I've started speaking at human resources organizations and other businesses to help them understand how to empower themselves and their staff for the long term, not just the first few months.

Two quick points before we dive in:

1) The stages of grief are not to be taken literally. They are tools to be used to give you an idea of what you or someone you know might feel. Also, they can be felt all at once, at one time, or in any mixture. There is no one path. It is personal to you, just like a fingerprint is.

2) The 1st year of grief is NOT the hardest. The firsts aren't usually the most painful (sorry). I sometimes hate even telling anyone that because it means I just freak them out. Don't freak out. Be kind to yourself and give yourself time, grace and space. The only way is through.